In the unfortunate incident you get involved in an accident, it is of importance that you try to capture details of everything to make everything easy to sort out with your insurer. The following steps will be of importance in that scenario:

  1. Exchange Details with Third Party:
    • If you’re involved in an accident, exchange particulars with the driver of the third-party vehicle. This includes your name, address, and insurance information. If there are any witnesses, collect their contact details as well.
    • In cases of bodily injury, it’s crucial to report to the police immediately.
  2. Remove the Vehicle to Safety:
    • After an accident, move your vehicle to a place of safety. You can do this without prior authority.
    • Ensuring safety is essential to prevent further harm or accidents.
  3. Notify Your Insurance Broker Promptly:
    • Contact your insurance broker as quickly as possible after the accident.
    • Provide them with the necessary details about the incident.
  4. Complete a Claim Form:
    • Fill out a claim form provided by your insurer.
    • Include accurate information about the accident and any injuries or damages.
  5. Submit Repair Estimates (Comprehensive Policies):
    • If you have a comprehensive policy, submit an estimate of repair costs to your insurance broker.
    • This helps in processing your claim efficiently.
  6. Obtain a Police Abstract Report:
    • If the accident has been reported to the police, obtain a police abstract report.
    • Forward this report to your insurance broker.
  7. Third-Party Claims and Correspondence:
    • Advise your insurance broker of any third-party claims.
    • Forward any correspondence received from the third party to your broker.
  8. Prior Consent for Repairs:
    • Do not authorize repairs without the prior consent of your insurers.
    • Always follow the proper procedures to avoid complications.
  9. Never Admit Liability:
    • Remember, never admit liability at the scene of the accident.
    • Let the investigation determine fault.

NB: EXCESS is an agreed amount of money that you as the client is LIABLE to pay in the event of a car insurance claim being settled.
Excess Protector is a premium a client pays when taking a cover to cover for excess in case of a claim

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