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What is Car Insurance? 

Unpredictable road activities and conditions can challenge even the best of drivers out there. Insurance was created to protect you from unexpected and unlikely events.

When your car is involved in an accident, the damages caused to your car becomes your own problem. This means that you will end up spending a significant sum of money in car repairs or buying a new car.

Your motor vehicle can be insured with either Comprehensive Insurance or Third party Insurance covers. If the value of your car is low, then it makes sense to buy a Third party Car Insurance since damages caused to your vehicle can be repaired at a fairly low cost and quite easily. However, if your vehicle is new or expensive, you should buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance as it will cover you against most kinds of damages caused to your vehicle.

Third party Car Insurance covers damages caused to third party vehicles, injuries caused to other people in an accident, as well as damage to third party property. This is the minimum coverage that you are required to purchase by law. However, this does not cover damages caused to your own vehicle. On the other hand, Comprehensive Car Insurance provides coverage for yourself and your car in case of an unfortunate event. It is a wider coverage plan as it also covers third party damages.

Third-party liability 

Third-party liability covers bodily injury & property damage to other people, vehicles or property other than your car.

Accidental Impact damage

Covers the damages caused to your own car after an accident.

Theft/partial Theft cover

Covers your car against theft or items lost when the car is broken into.

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