Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd.

The best insurance quote comparison service
provider in Kenya and East Africa.

Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd.

Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd. is a member of the GIB Africa Alliance partnering in insurance brokerage with other strategic partner brokers in different parts of Africa and beyond.

Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd. compares policies from a range of Kenyan providers, their prices and benefits in minutes via our instant real-time search results. Pacific compares Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Health, Life Insurance, Personal Loans, and more.

The Pacific Group comparison website helps you save time and the hassle of shopping around for quotes by doing all of the hard work of searching for you. Pacific will help you find the right product, and then if you are interested, will put the selected provider in touch with you directly so that you can find out more or buy.

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How it Works

Pacific Group makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the best deal. Our web services are managed and run by leading and experienced web developers, meaning that our customers always have the best experience, and that the quotes are always competitive. The quotes we provide are pulled directly from our providers, which means that we always provide you with the best deal.

Pacific Group is free to use, and commission free. We make money simply by charging our partners a fee when a customer chooses to find out more about their products. This is important because, as a business, we need to make money in order to continue to provide you, our customers, with the best deals.

Our Vision

To be the leading, reliable, professional insurance broker & pension administrator.

Our Mission Statement

To provide for future uncertainties through unique Insurance broking & pension administration.

Our Core Value

The seal of unbroken promise

Other Values

  • Customer Focus – oriented towards serving customer needs
  • Reliability – Efficient in provision of services
  • Integrity - Abiding to ethical standards in business conduct and compliance
  • Professionalism – Benchmarking at the highest level of academic and technical knowledge and the application thereof
  • Teamwork – Working together to achieve a common goal

Our Strengths

  • Educated staff – We have extensive knowledge in the insurance market coupled with professional qualifications.
  • Extensive insurance industry knowledge – We understand the market and we advice our customers accordingly
  • Capability of Growth – we focus on areas of growth to satisfy growing customer needs.
  • Financial strength – Our capital Base is strong. We have professional indemnity cover of …….
  • Complete Insurance Product Portfolio – We have a wide range of products to satisfy our customer base.
  • Professionalism Practice Service – We pride in our service to the customer our service is unique in the following ways;
    • Our service is Professional we do not compromise on the principles of insurance
    • Our service is timely
    • Our Service is reliable


  • Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK)
  • Medical Insurance Providers Association of Kenya (MIPAK)

What Others Say About Pacific

"This is to confirm that Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd.has been handling our insuranceprogrammefromthe year 2009 to date".

"They are currently handling our portfolio of approximately Ksh. 37,000,000/-"

"In our opinion, they have provided professional services to our expectations as defined in the Service Level Agreement."

Our Claims Process

1. File your claim

Incase of a claim, all you have to do is provide details about the incident and we'll take it from there.

2. We review

Our team of experts will reach out to you, review your report and provide advice through the process.

3. Payment

We have optimized our financial systems to ensure we can settle claims via various channels.